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Zenith DCHS

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Saturday Properties






Duluth, MN


160,000 SF






Historic Preservation
Adaptive Reuse
Recognition: Finance & Commerce’s Top Projects of 2023

Perched majestically on Duluth's hillsides, the Old Central High School, a historic landmark since its construction in the 1890s, is undergoing a transformative journey with the visionary project, Zenith DCHS. Spearheaded by Saturday Properties and executed with precision by AWH Architects, this endeavor encapsulates the essence of pragmatic design and sustainable reuse.

The iconic red masonry and the timeless bell tower of Old Central High School are not just relics of the past; they are the foundations of Zenith DCHS. This architectural gem is evolving into 130 new rental apartments, breathing new life into its historic corridors. The restoration endeavors adhere to strict historic guidance, ensuring that the updates are executed with the utmost respect for the building's unique features and profound history.

Zenith DCHS is not merely a residential development; it's a bridge between past and present. The restoration efforts not only preserve the building's intricate details but also infuse it with contemporary functionality. The result is a harmonious blend of ornate elegance and modern comfort, offering residents a unique living experience within Duluth's historic embrace.

Beyond its role as a residential space, Zenith DCHS is set to become a vibrant community hub. A suite of amenity spaces, meticulously designed to resonate with Duluth's character, invites residents to engage with the city's spirit and connect with the natural wonders of the north shore. This thoughtful integration ensures that Zenith DCHS is not just a residence but a dynamic part of Duluth's living tapestry.

The restoration of Old Central High School into Zenith DCHS is a testament to the commitment to preserving heritage while adapting to the evolving needs of a community. Each corner of the building echoes with history, and every modern addition pays homage to the architectural legacy that defines Duluth's skyline.

Zenith DCHS stands as a story of adaptive reuse, historic preservation, and the seamless integration of the past into the fabric of Duluth's future.

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