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“The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota provides quality medical care and rehabilitation for all injured, sick and orphaned wild animals and shares its knowledge with the people who care about them.”

AWH, in collaboration with Urban Ecosystems, has had the unique opportunity to master plan a new campus for wildlife rehabilitation. The campus is located on a historic farmstead in Grant Minnesota, and will accommodate all the WRC’s specific needs in their pursuit to care for and rehabilitate a wide variety of animals.

Water is the central issue in the design of the campus. A combination of rainwater collection and a chain of water reclamation ponds will supply the center’s new network of rehabilitation pools without negatively impacting the local water table or aquifer. Onsite energy generation and passive strategies will also ensure the campus has a holistically small impact on our ecosystems.

WRC Grant

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Wildlife Rehabilitation Center MN
In Progress
Master Plan
Wildlife Rehabilitation
Grant, MN
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