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Annalisa Bermel








6675 sf




Greiner Construction
Tekton Engineers
Dark Light Design




Historical Revival
Adaptive Reuse


St. James Social redevelopment project is a visionary endeavor aimed at revitalizing and transforming a historic building into a vibrant social destination in the heart of Downtown Bayfield. Spearheaded by Annalisa, a passionate local developer with a keen eye for design and community engagement, the project seeks to seamlessly blend the charm of a historic structure with modern hospitality concepts, offering a unique experience for both locals and visitors.


The project vision for St. James Social is to serve as a beacon of community connection, offering an all-day destination for dining, socializing, and cultural engagement. Embracing the rich history of Downtown Bayfield, the project aims to become a catalyst for revitalization, inspiring other entrepreneurial ventures and creatively designed spaces within the district.


Key features of St. James Social include a destination kitchen and community lounge on the first floor, offering a curated menu of local, farm-to-table cuisine and providing a gathering place for community members and travelers alike. The bar will serve as a central point for connection, offering a diverse selection of beverages and hosting events to engage guests and showcase local artists. An inviting outdoor courtyard will extend the social atmosphere, featuring design elements and games for families to enjoy. Plans also include exploring the addition of a rooftop garden lounge, offering additional amenities and programmable space for guests.


Preservation and sustainability are key priorities for the project, with a focus on preserving the building's historic integrity in partnership with the National Park Service and WI State Historic Preservation Office. By pursuing Historic Tax Credit Rehabilitation funds, St. James Social aims to become an iconic showcase for adaptive reuse, inspiring similar projects within the community. Long-term sustainability is emphasized, with a focus on nurturing year-round business and job opportunities that support sustainable tourism and benefit the local economy.


Community engagement is central to the project, with Annalisa, a woman-owned developer, bringing her expertise in real estate development, marketing, and branding to foster collaboration with local artists and businesses. Her dedication to supporting women-led ventures is reflected in her previous endeavors, such as Windseeker Rentals and Wild Rice Retreat.


The rehabilitated two-story building will house eight guest rooms, along with associated amenities including a lobby, bar, restaurant, rooftop deck, kitchen, back-of-house facilities, and employee accommodations. With a total area of 6675 square feet, the space is designed to provide an immersive and memorable experience for guests.


St. James Social benefits from the expertise of collaborative partners, including Tekton Engineers, Grainer Construction, and Dark Light Design. Together, they bring a wealth of experience in engineering, construction, and design to realize the vision of this transformative project. St. James Social represents more than just a renovation; it embodies a vision for the future of Downtown Bayfield, where history, hospitality, and community converge to create an enduring legacy.

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