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Nokomis Solar Pavillion

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Minneapolis Park Board






Minneapolis, MN


540 SF


Solar Canopy




7kW TenK Solar Array
Sustainable Energy
Recognition: Xcel RDA Grant

The Nokomis Solar Pavilion isn't just a structure; it's a harmonious blend of sustainable energy and community engagement. Nestled between the bath house and the beloved Sandcastle eatery, this pavilion isn't just a source of shade; it's a symbol of a greener, socially connected future.

At its core, the Nokomis Solar Pavilion is a 7kW TenK Solar Array, elegantly perched atop a custom-designed galvanized steel structure. This isn't just about generating energy; it's about doing so with style. The array not only serves as a functional source of renewable power but also creates captivating shadow patterns that dance across the entry to the beach.

More than just a technical marvel, the pavilion offers a haven for beachgoers and visitors. Picnic benches invite people to linger, share conversations, and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. It's a testament to how ENERGY and SOCIAL values can come together to enhance community spaces.

The realization of the Nokomis Solar Pavilion was made possible through the collective effort of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and an Xcel RDA grant. This collaborative funding approach underscores the commitment to sustainable projects that benefit the community at large.

This isn't just a pavilion; it's an invitation to experience the intersection of technology and nature. Visitors are encouraged to explore, appreciate, and perhaps find a moment of solace under the canopy, all while contributing to a more sustainable and socially connected Minneapolis.

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