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The Maytag Building has a new breath of life. Erected in 1916 by the Maytag Company, in the classical Chicago School style, this Minneapolis warehouse building served as the company’s northwest branch. Until recently the building was underutilized as the surrounding area has become a hub of urban activity.  AWH Architects was hired to redevelop the building into a thriving commercial office space on the upper floors with retail on the first floor. Careful study and investigation were undertaken to understand the original character of the building. Through the study, AWH found exterior openings had been covered with past renovations. Those openings were reintroduced honoring the initial design and bringing the intended daylight back into the building. Obstructed for years by a large metal sign, the carved stone “Maytag” sign above the main entry was uncovered. As a Historic Tax Credit project, the exterior shell has been fully restored with many of the original windows being rehabilitated. Modern code standards were met by strategically adding a new stair core. A ‘pocket park’ with paths, landscaping, and a rainwater garden was designed on the south side to provide exterior landscaped areas for the building occupants as well as a much-needed respite in the dense urban location. On the interior, all the non-historic elements have been removed leaving the original character of the building to act as a backdrop for the new occupants.


Saturday Properties
40,805 SF
Workplace / Commerical
Minneapolis, MN
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