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Saturday Properties






Minneapolis, MN


40,805 SF


Workplace / Commerical


Frana Construction
MBJ Engineers (Rollie Johnson)




Secured Historic Tax Credits
Historical Charm and Contemporary Functionality

The Maytag Building, a historic gem erected in 1916 by the Maytag Company in the classical Chicago School style, underwent a remarkable transformation under the skilled hands of Saturday Properties and AWH Architects. The project breathed new life into a piece of Minneapolis history.

Once the northwest branch of the Maytag Company, this warehouse stood as a witness to a bygone era. However, as the urban landscape around it evolved into a vibrant hub of activity, the Maytag Building was ready for a rebirth. We took on the challenge of redeveloping this historic structure into a dynamic commercial office space on the upper floors, with the first floor dedicated to retail.

Recognizing the historical significance of the Maytag Building, the project embraced the principles of REUSE and secured Historic Tax Credits. The exterior shell underwent a meticulous restoration process, with a focus on preserving the authenticity of the original design. Original windows were rehabilitated, and a new stair core was strategically placed to meet modern code standards.

The exterior masonry of the Maytag Building received the utmost attention during the revitalization process. Restoration efforts went beyond the ordinary, including the meticulous matching of multi-color historic glazed brick on the front primary façade. Every brick, every detail, was an ode to the building's rich heritage.

As the Maytag Building rose anew, it became more than just a workplace—it was poised to become a beacon of commercial vitality. The thoughtful blend of historical charm and contemporary functionality ensured that this space not only respected its past but also embraced the needs of a modern, dynamic workforce.

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