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Tiff and Tom Lauria






Saint Paul, MN


1,500 SF






Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)
Mindful Reuse

Situated in the heart of Saint Paul, the Lauria residence, originally crafted in the late 1950s as workforce housing for the nearby Ford plant, has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis. With a nod to its historical roots, the Lauria home stands as a testament to the power of renewal, embodying the values of energy efficiency and resourceful reuse.

Originally characterized by a surplus of walls, limited light, and compact spaces synonymous with its era, the Lauria house embarked on a journey of renewal. The visionary clients, Tiff and Tom Lauria, approached AWH Architects with a unique challenge—renovate and expand their existing home to meet the demands of a growing family or consider the prospect of acquiring a new residence.

In the spirit of sustainability and economic prudence, the decision was made to reimagine, not rebuild. AWH Architects collaborated with the Lauria family to carefully infuse contemporary living into the existing structure. Thoughtful interventions and strategically placed openings were introduced, seamlessly weaving the floorplan together and ushering in an abundance of natural light.

The Lauria residence now stands as a harmonious blend of heritage and modernity. Daylight floods the living spaces, creating an ambiance of openness and warmth. The design doesn't just transform a house; it breathes new life into a home, demonstrating that, with thoughtful design, existing structures can be reborn to meet the evolving needs of a family while respecting the environmental impact of construction.

The Lauria project encapsulates the ethos of energy-conscious living and the artful repurposing of existing structures. What was once a modest abode for industrial workers has blossomed into a contemporary haven—a living testament to the beauty of preserving heritage while embracing the future.

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