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In 2017 Paster Properties approached AWH Architects to become involved in the redevelopment of the underutilized and deteriorating warehouse buildings located in the Minneapolis Warehouse Historic District. Only one of the buildings was a Contributing Structure to the historic district while the other one, the 3 story Porter Electric Building built in 1893 was listed as “Non-Contributing”. Recognizing that the building was indeed the same period of the rest of the historic buildings, AWH researched the particulars of the building. AWH assembled and submitted a National Register of Historic Places Nomination which resulted in the building becoming a “Contributing Structure”. This move allowed both buildings to leverage the Historic Tax Credits. AWH was then hired to be the lead Architect for the redevelopment and guided the project to a successful completion of the Core and Shell remodel including retail tenants on the first floor and office tenants on the upper floors. The buildings are 100% leased and enjoying their new breath of life.

Hillman & Porter

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Paster Properties
25,000 SF
Minneapolis, MN
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