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In collaboration with BVH in Omaha, AWH and BVH teamed up to design Bailey Laureman’s new space. Bailey Laureman is an ad firm that has been around since the era of Mad Men. As such, they carry with them old institutions and ‘how it’s done’ with private offices, martini lunches and secretaries. AWH was brought in to break that mold and re-brand this company. Not that they weren’t already well along their way. With an energetic and enthusiastic CEO combined with young creatives who thrive on social media and energy drinks we created an environment to enhance and propel them into the 21stcentury. The design centers around creating a clear and cohesive environment with a variety of places to gather, work, converse, present and create. One can stand and work, sit alone, be in a lab with others or sit in an indoor park and soak in the sun.

Bailey Lauerman

TAB 6.png
Bailey Lauerman
20000 SF
Omaha, NE
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