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St. Mane Theater

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Lanesboro Arts






Lanesboro, MN


5,000 SF




Widseth Engineers




Historic Preservation
Minnesota Legacy Grant
ADA Accessibility
Preserving Architectural Heritage

The St. Mane Theatre, nestled in the heart of historic downtown Lanesboro, Minnesota, stands as a testament to resilience and cultural evolution. With a legacy dating back through various incarnations, from a silent movie theater to its current role as a regional arts venue, this iconic building has been a focal point of community life for decades.

Commissioned by a Minnesota Legacy Grant, the Lanesboro Arts Center enlisted AWH Architects to conduct a comprehensive Conditions Assessment Report. This initiative aimed to identify structural deficiencies, necessary upgrades, and strategic guidance to propel the theater into its next chapter. AWH's involvement extended beyond the assessment, embarking on a phased approach to repurpose the 2nd floor. The transformation included creating an Artist-in-Residency space, a versatile Community Meeting Room, and a remodeled Green Room, laying the groundwork for a more dynamic and inclusive cultural hub.

The journey with St. Mane Theatre is an ongoing collaboration. Future endeavors will encompass the full restoration of the Main Lobby, ensuring ADA accessibility, and addressing exterior restoration needs. This holistic approach reflects the commitment to preserving the historical charm while embracing the demands of contemporary artistic expression.

In the partnership between AWH Architects and Lanesboro Arts, the values of pragmatism, social connectivity, and mindful reuse guide every decision. It's not just about revitalizing a theater; it's about weaving a narrative that respects the past and shapes a vibrant future. The St. Mane Theatre is not merely a space; it's a living canvas where stories unfold, artists thrive, and communities come together.

St. Mane Theatre is more than a venue; it's a cultural anchor that honors tradition while embracing the ever-evolving tapestry of creativity. As we restore, repurpose, and reimagine, we invite the community to join us in this collective journey of preserving heritage and shaping a cultural haven for generations to come.

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