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Sejong Academy

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Sejong Academy






St. Paul, MN


57,000 SF







Design Embraces Diverse Learning Styles
Focused on Early Childhood Development

Sejong Academy, nestled in the heart of St. Paul, Minnesota, is more than a Korean Charter School—it's a vibrant embodiment of SOCIAL connection and the artful practice of REUSE. Housed within the historic Krank Manufacturing Company building on University Ave, this educational haven skillfully intertwines history, innovation, and a commitment to fostering diverse student communities.

Sejong Academy breathes new life into the historic Krank Manufacturing Company building, weaving modern education into its timeworn fabric. With a strategic eye on REUSE, the school transforms each nook and cranny into a purposeful space, respecting the building's legacy while embracing the future.

Education is not confined to classrooms at Sejong Academy—it unfolds in SOCIAL breakout spaces and group study rooms strategically scattered throughout. The design embraces diverse learning styles, ensuring a dynamic environment where collaboration and connection thrive.

The interiors of Sejong Academy reflect a thoughtful collaboration with the school community. Vibrant accent walls and cheerful carpets aren't just aesthetic choices; they're intentional decisions to create a warm, navigable atmosphere. These choices also serve as wayfinding elements, guiding students through corridors and study locker bays.

For the youngest learners, Sejong Academy prioritizes early childhood development. Pre-K and Kindergarten rooms go beyond traditional classrooms, integrating individual bathrooms, sinks, and casework. Learning zones, delineated by colors and flexible furnishings, create an environment that supports the unique needs of young minds.

Sejong Academy isn't just a school for today; it's a visionary institution for the future. The project meticulously balances a tight budget with the need for flexibility, creating an enduring facility ready to evolve with the growing needs and educational requirements of Sejong Academy.

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