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3333 Hennepin is an architectural response to the changes set forth in the Minneapolis 2040 Plan, and associated changes to the Built Form Overlay District which aim to address “missing middle” housing in the current market. The project includes 11 beautiful, accessible, sustainable and thoughtfully managed rental units with an office for our client’s family-run property management and development company. The units are split between two buildings which are connected by exterior circulation, elevator and associated lobby. The building’s form is inspired by the typical single-family dwelling with detached garage, and the gable forms typical of existing homes in the neighborhood.

The building is designed to be completely electrified, which eliminates the use of fossil fuels. There is an extensive solar array on the roof to provide renewable energy; a rain garden to filter stormwater back into the site, a geothermal system, and carefully selected non-red-listed interior and exterior materials. In addition to these strategies, we have designed exterior circulation to reduce the massing and provide increased access to daylight and fresh air to the residential units. Our client intends on holding this building far into the future, so lifespan, durability and design excellence are all key components.

3333 Hennepin

Riley Properties
In Process
7000 SF
Minneapolis, MN
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