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We’re a Minneapolis-based architecture firm.

Our mission: To deliver creative design solutions that pursue sustainable resolutions.

AWH Architects is focused on delivering creative design solutions that pursue sustainable resolutions to the built environment. The main crux of sustainability is the successful re-purposing and adaptation of the built environment to contemporary needs and uses. Founded on an early life experience of witnessing the destruction of a large swath of historic warehouses in his hometown of Omaha, Alex Haecker, AWH pursues adaptive reuse and historic building rehabilitation as a way to combat unnecessary loss of our collective cultural heritage and embodied energy inherent in existing buildings.   

Our firm is a flexible and nimble firm. We seek strategic alliances to custom fit the needs of our clients. This project driven approach allows us to reconfigure our services and approach to respond specifically to the needs of the project at hand.   

Focused on delivering client specific design solutions, AWH Architects utilizes a collaborative, inclusive and iterative design process. The process includes direct communication and involvement with all the constituents of a project including community involvement when appropriate.

Our philosophy is to first listen then guide the project to a successful design solution.


Firm Principals

Alex Haecker, AIA & NCARB

Integrated Work

  • Interior Architecture 25%
  • Sustainable Design 25%
  • Restoration/Preservation 50%


Building Types

Office Buildings/Banks/Financial
Education/Academic Buildings
Municipal/Civic Buildings
Housing (Multiple Units, Hotels, Dormitories)
Planning (Master, Urban, Land)
Residential (Single-Family, New, Remodel, Addition)
Retail/Commercial (Restaurants, Stores)

We’re ready for any project.

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AWH Architects

21 East 26th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55404
(612) 558-5383


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AWH Architects

AWH Architects

21 East 26th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55404
(612) 558-5383