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Tiny Diner

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Bartmann Group






Minneapolis, MN


1600 SF


Solar Canopy




Solar Canopy
Unique Dining Experience
Environmental Responsibility

In the heart of Minneapolis, a culinary revolution takes form at the Tiny Diner, the brainchild of renowned restaurateur Kim Bartman. Beyond the conventional locavore and farm-to-table trends, this restaurant aims higher—off the grid, on a dense urban plot with a commitment to sustainability.

Tiny Diner pioneers a culinary experience where every bite is intertwined with sustainability. The restaurant's solar canopy, a testament to its commitment to ENERGY, harnesses the power of the sun, echoing a harmony with nature that extends far beyond the dining tables.

Set on a once-contaminated site, the Tiny Diner challenges norms by growing a significant portion of its produce on-site. Here, the boundaries between kitchen and garden blur, emphasizing the value of SOCIAL engagement and creating a unique dining experience amidst flourishing greenery.

This culinary haven doesn't just stop at harnessing solar power. It's also a water steward. The solar canopy doubles as a rainwater collector, directing this precious resource to nourish the on-site gardens. Here, WATER sustainability is not just a practice but a celebration of the restaurant's commitment to the environment.

Step into the Tiny Diner, and you'll find more than just a restaurant. Its expansive outdoor seating area, sheltered under the solar canopy, is a testament to the art of REUSE—where sustainable design meets the pleasure of al fresco dining.

The Tiny Diner is more than a restaurant; it's a statement—a celebration of culinary excellence entwined with a deep commitment to ENERGY efficiency, SOCIAL engagement, WATER sustainability, and the artful practice of REUSE. It sets a new standard, proving that gastronomic delights can coexist harmoniously with environmental responsibility.

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