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The busy power couple needed a clean and organized retreat in their home both literally and figuratively. Their existing home, an early 20th Century home on Lake of the Isles, had a series of incongruent and outdated rooms that the couple was using as their master suite consisting of a couple tight closets, a poorly lit bathroom and a fish bowl for a bedroom. Due to their very busy lifestyles they also lacked the time (and ability) to keep things organized and not messy despite the angst it caused. The design solution was to combine the series of incongruent rooms into a cohesive, calm and elegant suite. The bathtub is carefully situated to provide views of the lake while the bedroom provided high awning windows for privacy and ventilation. The new walk-in closet and dressing room that linked the bedroom and bathroom created a clean, simple and consistent look of wardrobe doors and orderly shelving thus ‘hiding’ the clutter.

Isles of Ascot

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800 SF
Minneapolis, MN
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