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AWH Architects was selected by HSBF, part of a team, led by TEN x TEN Landscape Architecture and Urbanism to participate in the master planning process. A multidisciplinary team, including New History and Wigen Consulting, provided Horseshoe Bay Farms with a road map for preservation and implementation. Since 1917, Horseshoe Bay Farms, formerly Murphy Farms, has been
a site of productive land along the shores of the Bay of Green Bay. The Farm is listed on the National & State Register of Historic Places for its prominence in the development of Door County.

This master plan identifies strategies for the continued preservation and rehabilitation of the Farm for a sustained future. The plan also proposes a road map for unique programs and reactivation so that Horseshoe Bay Farms can once again serve as a vital community space.

Horseshoe Bay Farms

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Horseshoe Bay Farms
Master Plan
Campus / Agriculture / Cultural
Egg Harbor, WI
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