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The Thorp Building

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Bohm CRE


On Going




Minneapolis, MN


204,133 SF







Historic Preservation
Community Engagement
Adaptive Reuse

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Northeast Minneapolis, The Thorp Building stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of creativity, history, and revitalization. Boasting a colossal 204,133 square feet of space, this historic gem has been entrusted to the skilled hands of AWH Architects, becoming a canvas for a decade-long narrative of restoration and adaptive reuse.

More than a workplace, The Thorp Building is a dynamic complex, weaving together creative industrial spaces, art studios, galleries, and the artifacts of Northeast Minneapolis. A living ecosystem where the past meets the present, and the spirit of innovation resonates through every corridor.

AWH Architects has played a pivotal role as the guardian of The Thorp Building's architectural legacy. Over the course of a decade, our firm has meticulously navigated the intricate dance of restoration, breathing new life into this former GE Factory. The building stands as a living testament to the commitment to preservation and the art of adaptive reuse.

The Thorp Building's historical grandeur coexists with modern functionality, thanks to the adept hands of AWH Architects. Our team has undertaken comprehensive code analysis, ensuring that every nook and cranny complies with contemporary standards while preserving the authenticity of the building's historic character.

Dynamic, flexible, and pulsating with energy, The Thorp Building hosts a myriad of businesses that shape its vibrant identity. AWH Architects has guided the Owner through multiple tenant fit-outs, each a unique expression within the historic walls. Entitlement reviews have been a strategic compass, ensuring that every transformation aligns seamlessly with regulatory frameworks.

As The Thorp Building continues to evolve, it remains not just a structure but a living history book, with AWH Architects as its storyteller. The echoes of the past resonate in every brick, while the ongoing renovations carve a path toward an enduring future.

The values of pragmatism, social integration, and the art of reuse are woven into the very fabric of The Thorp Building's existence. A testament to the visionary partnership between Bohm CRE and AWH Architects, this historic landmark stands as a symbol of the possibilities that unfold when creativity, history, and renewal dance in unison. The Thorp Building is not just a workplace; it's a living ode to the resilience of architectural heritage and the boundless potential of adaptive reuse.

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