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Texa Tonka

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Paster Properties






St. Louis Park, MN


48,000 SF




Sever Construction
Paster Properties




Solar Array
Comprehensive Revitalization
Community Engagement
Native Pollinator-friendly Plants
Social Connectivity
Water conscious Planting
Mindful Reuse

Texa-Tonka Shopping Center stands as a beacon at the crossroads of Texas Avenue and Minnetonka Boulevard in St. Louis Park, MN. More than a retail hub, it's a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful redevelopment. In collaboration with Paster Properties and Sever Construction, the Texa-Tonka project is not just about bricks and mortar; it's about reshaping spaces, fostering social bonds, and embracing sustainable practices.

Embarking on a phased construction journey, Texa-Tonka underwent a comprehensive revitalization. The project tackled deferred maintenance, introduced exterior improvements, and strategically demolished approximately 4,000 SF of interior space to give birth to a vibrant exterior courtyard. This spatial transformation served as the canvas for reimagining community interactions.

Texa-Tonka strip mall prioritizes people. Through meticulous site planning, the redesign emphasizes pedestrian and cyclist-friendly features. The addition of outdoor gathering spaces encourages social connections, creating a welcoming environment where the community can converge, interact, and thrive.

In the spirit of sustainable progress, Texa-Tonka integrates eco-friendly strategies. Solar site lighting illuminates pathways, ensuring safety while minimizing the ecological footprint. The project embraces the ethos of reuse, repurposing existing materials and structures to minimize waste. Native pollinator-friendly plant species add a touch of nature, contributing to the biodiversity of the area.

Beyond being a shopping center, Texa-Tonka aspires to be a community nexus. It's a space where commerce and camaraderie intersect. The thoughtful design, coupled with social and sustainable considerations, transforms this retail center into a vibrant hub where people gather not just to shop but to engage, connect, and celebrate shared moments.

As Texa-Tonka continues to evolve, it exemplifies the values of social connectivity, water-conscious planning, and mindful reuse. It's a dynamic canvas where the past meets the future, and each brick tells a story of transformation. Together with Paster Properties and Sever Construction, Texa-Tonka paves the way for a community-centric, sustainable, and socially vibrant future.

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