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Surly Sauna

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Omar Ansari








200 SF







Purposeful Design
Community Engagement

The Surly Sauna, a brainchild of Omar Ansari, the visionary mind behind Surly Brewing, transcends the conventional to offer a mobile sanctuary that redefines relaxation. This 200-square-foot haven is more than a structure; it's a testament to pragmatism, mobility, and the pursuit of respite.

A product of seamless collaboration between Omar Ansari, Sauna Society Builders, and Restoration Carpentry, the Surly Sauna is a symphony of thoughtful design and practical functionality. Meticulously crafted to be mobile, this sanctuary effortlessly anchors itself wherever it goes, providing a tranquil retreat that adapts to diverse landscapes.

In a dance between traditional cabin aesthetics and contemporary finesse, the Surly Sauna finds its unique identity. It's a nod to the rich vernacular of cabins, both timeless and rooted, yet with modern accents that seamlessly fuse with urban and rural settings alike.

Mounted on a self-leveling hydraulic trailer, the Surly Sauna transforms any location into a pop-up destination of rejuvenation. This nomadic structure defies the constraints of a fixed location, allowing it to weave its magic in diverse environments, creating an oasis of calm wherever it rests.

More than a physical space, the Surly Sauna is an immersive experience—a retreat that beckons, soothes, and connects with the landscapes it graces. It embodies the spirit of pragmatic design, where functionality meets the art of relaxation, all within the cozy confines of 200 square feet.

The Surly Sauna is not just a structure; it's a testament to the convergence of tradition and mobility. In its mobile elegance, it carries the essence of rejuvenation, a tranquil haven on wheels that embodies the spirit of finding solace in unexpected places.

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