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Madeline Island, WI


1500 SF







Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)
Locally Sourced Materials

In the heart of Madeline Island, where the whispers of the woods echo the island's tales, Lindaland emerges as a writer's retreat—a sanctuary deeply rooted in the island's vernacular hipped-roof cottages. Beyond being a dwelling, it's an ode to Madeline's essence, capturing the soulful connection between literature and nature.

As the sun-dappled woods cradle Lindaland, its second-floor living space becomes a literary haven, offering a treehouse-like escape. Bathed in natural light that weaves through expansive windows and dances with the shadows of deep roof overhangs, every corner resonates with the serenity of the island. The steep-pitched roof creates a loft-like room, a canvas where words come alive against a backdrop of 17-foot-high ceilings in the center and intimate lower heights on the edges.

Lindaland's second-floor timber-frame structure is a ballet of architecture, a graceful dance that extends boldly beyond its foundations. Aligned with cardinal points, it offers a distant view of the lake to the south and a connection with the island's magnetic energy. The bed nook cozily nestles under the eaves on the east, a retreat within a retreat. A window seat and refectory table beckon south, framed by 12-foot-high windows—an invitation to socialize, eat, and draw inspiration from the island's stories. The west balcony extends into the woods, providing a front-row seat to nature's narrative.

Facing north, the bathroom is a sanctuary within a sanctuary. Tall, narrow windows frame a view of the trees, inviting the outside in. On the first floor, a workshop stands as a testament to craftsmanship, built of raw poured concrete. Its canted walls emphasize the overhang of the cantilevered second floor—a marriage of functionality and artistry.

Beyond architectural finesse, Lindaland tells a tale of sustainability. Concrete, metal siding, roofing, tigerwood decks, and stairs intertwine with high-insulating SIPS panels. Yet, the soul lies in locally sourced materials—an homage to the island's embrace. Oak post and beams, pine siding, salvaged Douglas fir rafters, and brownstone quarried nearby weave Lindaland into the very fabric of Madeline.

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