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Isles of Ascot

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Minneapolis, MN


800 SF







Purposeful Sustainability
Adaptive Reuse

Perched on the picturesque shores of Lake of the Isles, Isles of Ascot stands as a testament to the seamless integration of historical charm and contemporary refinement. With a modest footprint of 800 square feet, this residential haven embarked on a journey of renewal guided by the principle of reuse.

Commissioned by a dynamic and bustling power couple, Isles of Ascot wasn't just a renovation; it was a quest for a sustainable sanctuary. The existing early 20th Century home, though laden with historical significance, yearned for a modern breath of life. The couple sought not only a physical retreat but a space that echoed tranquility and organization amid their fast-paced lives.

The design solution unfolded as a poetic reimagining of incongruent and outdated rooms. A series of tight closets, a poorly lit bathroom, and a bedroom reminiscent of a fishbowl were transformed into a harmonious and elegant suite. AWH Architects, attuned to the values of reuse, meticulously orchestrated this transformation to breathe cohesion into every corner.

Isles of Ascot exudes elegance with a purpose. The bathtub, strategically positioned to capture mesmerizing views of the lake, becomes a focal point of relaxation and contemplation. The bedroom, adorned with high awning windows, strikes a delicate balance between privacy and the gentle caress of ventilation.

For a couple accustomed to the whirlwind of their daily lives, maintaining order became a paramount challenge. A new walk-in closet and dressing room emerged as a stroke of genius, seamlessly linking the bedroom and bathroom. This masterstroke not only created a clean and consistent aesthetic but also served as a refuge, where wardrobe doors concealed the clutter and shelves embraced a sense of order.

Isles of Ascot stands as a beacon of sustainable revival, where the values of reuse echo in every carefully curated detail. The project isn't just about redesigning a home; it's about infusing life into forgotten spaces and forging a connection between the past and the present.

In the heart of Minneapolis, Isles of Ascot stands not just as a residence but as a testament to the values embodied by its discerning occupants. AWH Architects, the crafters of this tranquil haven, guided the journey with precision, infusing sustainability, elegance, and purpose into every nook and cranny.

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