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Islamic Center of Winona

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Islamic Center of Winona


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Winona, MN





Widseth Engineers




Historic Preservation
Historic Tax Credits
Adaptive Reuse

In a transformative partnership, AWH Architects and the Islamic Center of Winona (ICW) are paving the way for a momentous chapter in the center's history. The collaborative efforts have reached a pivotal juncture, bringing ICW closer to realizing a cherished vision that will leave a lasting impact.

With AWH's unwavering guidance, ICW secured vital legacy funds, including a tax-exempt grant from the MN Historical Society. This financial support empowered AWH to embark on a crucial roof replacement project, addressing structural concerns while preserving the historical essence of the center. During the renovation, a delightful discovery unfolded—meticulously preserved historic stained-glass windows and intricate coffered ceilings emerged in the roof monitor, adding an extra layer of significance to ICW's narrative.

ICW's odyssey commenced at 54 E. Third Street, a space that served as a hub for prayers, events, and dialogue until tragedy struck in 2013 when it succumbed to fire. Undeterred, ICW found a new home at 71 W Third Street, symbolizing resilience and community spirit.

The roof project signifies just the beginning of the collective journey between AWH and ICW. As trusted partners, we eagerly anticipate future chapters, including the full renovation of the building to meet the evolving needs of the Islamic Center of Winona. Our shared vision extends beyond physical enhancements; it embraces a commitment to fostering understanding of Islam, fortifying unity within the Muslim community, and nurturing interfaith dialogues that promote mutual respect and collaboration.

The partnership between AWH and ICW goes beyond architecture; it's about building a legacy that transcends generations. With every project milestone, we strengthen the foundations of community, embracing the rich history of ICW and shaping a vibrant future that echoes the values of pragmatism, social cohesion, and mindful reuse. Together, we are creating a space where stories unfold, cultural treasures are unveiled, and the spirit of community thrives. The journey continues, and we look forward to the transformative chapters that lie ahead.

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