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Hillman & Porter

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Paster Properties






Minneapolis, MN


25,000 SF




Greiner Construction




Historic Preservation
National Register of Historic Places Nomination
Historic Tax Credits
Adaptive Reuse

In the heart of Minneapolis Warehouse Historic District, Hillman & Porter stands as a testament to the transformative power of pragmatic design and adaptive reuse. Paster Properties, in collaboration with AWH Architects and Greiner Construction, embarked on a mission in 2017 to revitalize underutilized and deteriorating warehouse buildings that define the city's historical charm.

The project's focal point, the 3-story Porter Electric Building erected in 1893, initially held a "Non-Contributing" status. Recognizing its intrinsic connection to the historic district, AWH Architects diligently researched and submitted a National Register of Historic Places Nomination. This strategic move successfully transformed the building into a "Contributing Structure," unlocking access to Historic Tax Credits and breathing new life into its timeworn walls.

AWH Architects assumed the lead role in the redevelopment, orchestrating the Core and Shell remodel with precision. The result is a harmonious blend of historic preservation and contemporary functionality. The buildings, once underutilized and deteriorating, now thrive with retail tenants on the first floor and vibrant office spaces above. The strategic revival ensures that Hillman & Porter seamlessly integrates into the fabric of Minneapolis's storied past while catering to the needs of the present.

The success story of Hillman & Porter reaches its peak with full occupancy. The buildings, now fully leased, have become dynamic hubs of activity, breathing vitality into their historic surroundings. What was once a dormant corner of Minneapolis's architectural heritage now stands as a beacon of adaptive reuse, proving that preserving history and meeting contemporary demands can coexist seamlessly.

Hillman & Porter is a celebration of history, a commitment to sustainable practices, and a testament to the enduring legacy of Minneapolis's Warehouse Historic District.

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