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Hewing Hotel

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Fe Equus Development Aparium Group






Minneapolis, MN


116000 SF




ESG Architecture & Design
Alpha Theory




Historic Preservation
Adaptive Reuse

The Hewing Hotel, a beacon of chic elegance, stands proudly at the gateway to the Historic North Loop in Minneapolis. What was once the Jackson Building, fraught with unsuccessful redevelopment attempts, found a new lease on life through a visionary collaboration.

In 2012, the Jackson Building, steeped in history, became a canvas for renewal. AWH, alongside partners ESG, Alpha Theory, and client Fe Equus Development Aparium Group, embarked on a transformative journey.

The decision to move forward sparked a creative alliance, resulting in the birth of the Hewing Hotel. This 116,000 SF masterpiece is more than a hospitality haven; it's a testament to the power of historic preservation, adaptive reuse, and thoughtful design working in harmony.

Step inside the Hewing Hotel, and you'll encounter more than just stylish interiors. It's a manifestation of the REUSE value, breathing new life into the bones of a building with a storied past. The hotel exudes an air of sophistication, blending the historic charm of the Jackson Building with contemporary allure.

As a jewel at the gateway to the Historic North Loop, the Hewing Hotel is not merely a place to stay; it's an immersive experience. It seamlessly integrates the best of both worlds—the timelessness of history and the allure of modern luxury.

The success of the Hewing Hotel is a testament to the symbiotic dance of preservation, renewal, and design. It stands tall, not just as a hospitality destination but as a living narrative of how an iconic building's legacy can be redefined with vision, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to REUSE.

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