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Hermit's Hovel

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Ryan and Denise Mallery






Minocqua, WI


1,200 SF







Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)
Energy-efficient Solutions

Enveloped on a private island, once owned by the Olmsted family, Hermit's Hovel emerges as a sanctuary for Ryan and Denise Mallery. This residential haven, more than a dwelling, is a celebration of nature's bounty and a testament to the commitment to energy-conscious living.

Perched atop the island's highest point, Hermit's Hovel harmoniously blends with its surroundings. The shotgun-style structure, elevated on wood posts and diamond piers, becomes one with the forest floor. Designed as a grand screen porch, the dwelling invites the outdoors in, creating an immersive experience where the boundary between interior and exterior dissolves.

The southern façade, a canvas of operable doors, acts as a stage for the dance of lake breezes. The design allows the entire face of the structure to open, seamlessly connecting the living space with the natural symphony outside. Here, residents are not just observers; they are part of the ever-changing rhythm of the landscape.

With a mindful orientation on the cardinal points, Hermit's Hovel orchestrates an intimate dance with the celestial. The plan strategically captures the warm hues of sunset over the living and dining areas, extending to the deck. In the morning, the eastern sun bathes the bedroom windows, awakening the dwelling in the gentle embrace of dawn.

Hermit's Hovel is not just a dwelling; it's a philosophy of sustainable simplicity. Constructed with structurally insulated panels (SIPs) and LVLs, the structure is a study in efficiency. Shiplap, wood paneling, and Rubio-finished walnut floors grace the interiors, creating a visual palette that resonates with the natural hues of the surroundings.

Under the shelter of a simple shed-style roof, Hermit's Hovel surprises with a reverse dormer at the main entry door. This architectural punctuation adds character and serves as a welcoming gesture, inviting inhabitants and guests into the tranquil abode.

For Ryan and Denise Mallery, Hermit's Hovel isn't just a residence; it's a commitment to energy-conscious living. Every design element, from the orientation to the choice of materials, reflects a dedication to harmonizing with the environment and minimizing the ecological footprint.

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