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Edison High School Green Campus

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Minneapolis, MN




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Sustainable Innovation
Cutting-edge Energy Efficiency
Eco-conscious Stormwater Management
Educational Experience
Environmental Stewardship
Community Engagement

Edison High School emerges as a beacon of sustainable innovation, showcasing a visionary transformation into a model green campus. In collaboration with Minneapolis Public Schools and Lazor Office, the Edison Green Campus project redefines educational spaces, blending cutting-edge energy efficiency and stormwater systems seamlessly into neglected areas adjacent to sports facilities.

The expansion of Edison High School extends beyond conventional boundaries, reclaiming overlooked spaces to create a sustainable oasis. At the heart of this green campus lies a commitment to environmental stewardship, weaving together functionality and aesthetics in a harmonious tapestry.

The campus welcomes visitors with a new entry and an immersive educational experience. A colossal solar array graces the landscape, capturing the sun's energy to power the campus. This architectural marvel not only stands as a symbol of sustainable power but also serves as an educational tool, inspiring students, visitors, and the neighborhood to explore the potential of renewable energy.

The Edison Green Campus champions eco-conscious stormwater management. Meticulously designed systems collect and treat stormwater, creating a dual-purpose solution that enhances environmental resilience and provides a practical educational resource. Every drop becomes a lesson in sustainability, fostering a deep connection between the community and its ecological surroundings.

A thriving community garden and greenhouse further enrich the educational landscape. These spaces cultivate not only plants but also knowledge, offering hands-on experiences in agriculture and sustainable practices. They stand as living classrooms, nurturing a profound understanding of the interconnectedness between humanity and nature.

Even the concession stand contributes to the narrative of sustainability. Beyond serving refreshments, it acts as a small-scale powerhouse of sustainable practices, demonstrating that every structure can play a role in creating a greener, more resilient future.

Edison High School Green Campus is more than a physical space; it's an incubator for environmental stewards. Every element, from solar panels to stormwater systems, becomes a catalyst for curiosity, inquiry, and a deeper appreciation for sustainable living. The campus not only educates but empowers the next generation to champion the cause of a more sustainable and socially responsible world.

As Edison High School continues its journey as a green campus, it stands as a testament to the values of energy efficiency, social connectivity, and water-conscious design. With Minneapolis Public Schools and Lazor Office, Edison Green Campus paves the way for a future where education and sustainability coalesce, creating a legacy that resonates with the community and echoes in the hearts of future leaders.

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