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Avivo Village

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Minneapolis, MN


48,600 SF




Greiner Construction
Green Your Bottom Line
White Earth




Accessibility Focused
Adaptive Reuse
Recognition: 2024 ULI Americas Awards for Excellence Finalist
AIA MN commendation for "Excellence in Design for Well-Being"

Avivo Village stands as a testament to innovation in the realm of housing—more than just a shelter, it's a transformative space that redefines conventional models. Guided by the values of pragmatism, social responsibility, and adaptive reuse, this project isn't just a structure; it's a beacon of hope and support for those in need.

Avivo Village is more than housing; it's a trauma-informed, low-barrier haven providing short to medium-term stays for 100 individuals. With a focus on accessibility, this space operates 24/7, offering not only shelter but a range of critical services. From housing assistance to harm reduction, mental health, and chemical dependency services—all seamlessly integrated within existing underutilized commercial real estate.

In 2021, Avivo Village earned the prestigious AIA MN commendation for "Excellence in Design for Well-Being." This recognition underscores the project's commitment to creating a space that goes beyond the basics, prioritizing the holistic well-being of its residents.

Avivo Village is an exploration into uncharted territory—a housing model that bridges the gap between low-income housing and traditional shelters. This endeavor pushed the boundaries set by conventional construction norms. Challenges related to code compliance, material supply chains, and financing models were met head-on, requiring a reinterpretation of established rules. The result: clean, safe, and supportive housing for 100 individuals erected in a remarkable four months—at a cost less than that of a high-end single-family home.

The success of Avivo Village is rooted in collaboration. A diverse team, including Avivo, The White Earth Nation, Greiner Construction, Sustology, and others, worked closely to overcome obstacles. This project stands as a beacon of what is achievable when minds unite to address housing challenges creatively.

While Avivo Village may not be perfect, it serves as a stepping stone toward a more inclusive and imaginative housing landscape. It challenges traditional definitions, opening avenues for a wider gradient of housing options, particularly for those with the least access. Avivo Village isn't just a structure; it's an embodiment of compassion, breaking free from conventional molds to usher in a new era of housing possibilities.

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