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AWH has worked as the historic consultant to nominate Durnam Hall at 927 West Broadway in North Minneapolis to the National Register of Historic Places. The building historically served as a centrally located meeting space that enabled public forums in a neighborhood that engaged around politics, recreation, and socialization. It represents key components of Minneapolis’s cultural heritage and is one of the few remaining buildings from the vital commercial shopping area that West Broadway had been during the Progressive era of the early 1900s. Over the past 130 years, Durnam Hall has stood witness to the ever-shifting approaches to urban planning and racist tactics while resiliently remaining largely unchanged. With New Rules as the client, the space will be used for programming related to their mission below:

“NEW RULES is a collective built on the idea of developing ecosystems & solutions for Black & Brown communities where economic, health & wellness and education disparities breed. We take unproductive buildings in overlooked communities and co-create innovative spaces that are designed by the community to solve problems they have identified for themselves, both personally & professionally.

927 Broadway

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In Process
10,000 SF
Minneapolis, MN
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